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We are a dedicated mobile team that comes to you, to fix & optimise your vehicle's Air Conditioning unit.

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❄️ £89 Full Air-Con Service (both gases) including anti bacterial treatment ❄️
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Air Conditioning Recharge

An estimated 10% of Air-Con gas permeates from the system every year, meaning over time your system is less efficient and less effective.

Full car Air conditioning service

An air conditioning system in need of recharging or re-gasing can mean more than just working up a sweat, it can also affect your health!

Recharge your Car Air Conditioning

Air-Con systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every 18 months. Cool 2 U offers this as a mobile service, coming to your place of work or home!

Why to have your Air Con Serviced

  • Fuel Consumption

    A poorly maintained air-conditioning system can increase your fuel costs, as the system works harder to pump.

  • Windows Not De-misting?

    Air conditioning is naturally great at helping demist windscreens and windows due to their de-humidifying effect. - Noticing yours aren't demisting quickly? - Probably means it's time for a service!

  • Removal of bacteria, smells and fungi

    Bacteria and fungi build up inside of the air conditioning core, leading to smells emanating through the ventilation system, also triggering allergies. Cool 2 U removes these problems and gives you a fresh feeling system again!

  • Not cold enough?

    Your car air con system loses up to 15% of its refrigerant every year.

  • Strange Noises?

    A clear sign that your air conditioning is in need of a service is any noises emanating from the system.

  • Value for Money

    With all the points mentioned already, there are a lot of reasons to get your system in top condition again! A typical car dealer will charge you at least £79, however Cool 2 U's mobile air conditioning service will come to YOU, and our prices start at £15!

Car Driving in Hot Summer – Air Con

About COOL 2 U

Don't get caught out this summer! Does your car's air conditioning work as well as it should do? The Cool 2 U team are fully trained in re-gassing your system to the manufacturer's specifications at a fraction of Main Dealer costs. For maximum efficiency your air conditioning system should be re gassed at least every 18 months.

Your air conditioning could also be causing you and your family health problems due to the build up of fungi, mildew and other bacteria. Cool 2 U also offer a service for cleansing and de odorising the system as well as a full regas. Cool 2 U are a fully mobile vehicle air conditioning specialist that can offer their services at your home or work place.

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  • "Just a quick thank you, if you remember I went for the full service from yourselves (COOL 2 U) and I'm so glad of it, the system runs much more efficiently after the air con recharge and service, happy motoring!"

    Jo, Cardiff.

  • "COOL 2 U kindly visited me whilst at work and gave my car air conditioning the full service, regassing the system and advising me on how to keep it in top shape! - Well recommended"

    Raheem, Bristol.

  • "Didn't notice at first as it was pouring down with rain on the day of the car air con service, but on the scorching weekend the air con recharge has made a night and day difference, thank you very much, and at a brilliant price too."

    Sandy, Lisvane